About the Writer

In a quick phrase: cars are my passion. My first experiences with motorsports are fond memories for me, sitting on the hills of Braselton, Georgia watching cars race around Road Atlanta. Since then, I have been to many car shows, been to a racing school, crewed for race events for a couple of friends who run in NASA, and been to several events that manufacturers put on to showcase their products.

I have been auto-crossing for approximately the last six years, and doing track events for the last four as I have time for. I also have been to the Panoz Racing School at Sebring, FL. Perhaps the most fun and informative time I have spent in a car at any single time, learning from professional drivers. I have always followed various racing disciplines, and find that I enjoy the strategy associated with road racing the most. Currently I watch Formula 1, Grand Am, American Le Mans Series, the Le Mans Series, and Asutralian V8 Supercars.

I enjoy driving and hope that people that read my words written here will come to enjoy cars as much as I do, whether it is performance driving, car shows, or just reading about what the cars that interest them.

If you are curious about a specific topic, you are welcome to either leave a comment or send an email to me, jon(dot)backof @gmail.com, and ask a question. If there is enough interest, or is interesting to me, I may also do a blog post on the topic.