April 25, 2011

The Nissan Leaf, Driven

Great things are happening in the automotive world. Cars are becoming more sophisticated each year with more technology being crammed into the car. To put this into perspective, look at the smart phones that are on the market today. Now, take a look at the laptops that were being sold around five to seven years ago. Pretty comparable performance wouldn’t you say? Ask any automotive enthusiast today and I doubt they would have thought 10 years ago that today’s cars and trucks would be as technologically dependent as they are now. Servos, wires, and micro processors galore, gone are the simple days of carburetors and mechanical throttle linkages. Now we move to the next revolution: the electric car.

April 22, 2011

Welcome post!

Howdy and welcome to Nothing but Automotive Thoughts! Together we will take a look at the automotive world, both motorsports and the consumer market.  Some of the topics that will be written about in this blog will deal with not only the idea of being green through alternative vehicles, but also what you can do maintenance wise to prolong the life of your current vehicle, what you can do to prepare your street car for an autocross or high performance driving events, and a tip every now and again to keep your vehicle in tip top shape! I will also write about any special  events I may go to, events that manufacturers put on to show case their products such as driving the new BMW X3 on the same day, back to back with some of its main competitors like the Audi Q5.

Here is a little bit about where I am coming from. I have been watching years of various disciplines of motorsports, personal experience, from working on my cars, friend’s cars, and from friends who I have learned from. I also do my own research so I can make a more informed opinion on newer technologies that have not been around previously.

Cars are my passion. I hope that this will provide an opening for everyone to find that inner car geek in themselves and enjoy motoring!

Finally feel free to post and ask any questions you would like to!